Legacy & Virtual Memorials

Do You Ever Wonder How You Will Be Remembered After You're Gone?

The impact you made and the story of your life lives on through your legacy and virtual memorials. I know death is not something you like to think about. Unfortunately, it's a fact of life we all have to deal with at some point or another.  Since you're here, I am guessing death is top of mind for you right now. Either, you are planning a virtual memorial for a loved one, or doing research for yourself. 

Virtual Memorials Will Ensure Your Loved Ones Memory Will Live on Long After They're Gone

A standard obituary and funeral are no longer the only ways to remember our loved ones. My LifeJars understands how important it is to pay tribute to those you have loved and lost.

We make it easy for you to create virtual memorials and tributes for your family, friends, and pets. Plus, we offer a place to store documents for online funeral services, as well as the recording of the service itself.

A My LifeJars' Remembrance Wall makes it easy for everyone you invite to share their memories that make the smile, cry, and even laugh out loud!  

Explore the Many Options Below to Create a

Virtual Memorials that will Live On Long After Death

A mom with cancer and a wrap on her head smiling and holding her daughters hands for legacy memorial picture

Online Memorials for Loved ones

Instead of a normal memorial for a lost loved one or pet, create an online memorial so you can keep their memories alive for a long time to come. An online virtual memorial allows you an endless amount of space to share stories, photos, and videos of those you have lost. 

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Online Tribute

Do you want to give a special shoutout to someone who impacted your life? An online tribute is a type of virtual memorial that allows you to share your thoughts with others. In addition, you can invite others to provide their thoughts. It’s a great way to reminisce about your loved ones.

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a gold my lifejar, inside candles lit for an online funeral

Online Funeral Service

There might be special situations, like a global pandemic, that cause challenges for planning a normal in-person funeral. Online funeral services and virtual memorials make it easy for everyone to safely attend the ceremony, or view the recording if they are unable to at the scheduled time.

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a gold jar, inside a setting sun, two hands holding each other to represent legacy memorial

Online Remembrance 

Remember when the only option you had to celebrate the life of a loved one or pet was in person? As technology advances, there are so many other ways to memorialize those we have lost. Creating legacies, tributes and memorials online gives you a place to remember them forever.

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a gold jar, inside a woman hugging her dog for a legacy memorial photo. The dog is happy with his tongue hanging out

Pet Virtual Memorials

Anyone with a pet knows they are like a member of the family. So, when a pet dies, we want to remember them just like we would any other family member. An virtual memorial for your pet creates a space you can visit and remember your pet at any time you want.

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a gold jar, inside a woman on her phone and tablet looking at digital legacy and yellow flowers on her desk

Digital Legacy

A digital legacy is the digital information someone leaves behind after they die. This online information can include website or blog information, social media profiles, photos, videos, or other online interactions.

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Why Create Virtual Memorials on My LifeJars?

The My LifeJars team realizes how important it is to keep the memories of our loved ones alive. That’s one of the core reasons the My LifeJars platform exists! Not only can you create digital legacies and virtual memorials, but also you organize your life, capture memories, and leave a legacy for future generations.

Furthermore, using an online platform to create memorials, tributes, and funeral services is an easy and cost-effective way to memorialize family, friends, and pets. It also allows other people to share their memories and stories with each other. 

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Virtual memorials are easily accessible from anywhere in the world and will be live on forever. Instead of worrying if your memory or the memory of a love one will eventually fade, act now and guarantee it won't!  

Don't forget, it's a good idea to tell your family and friends how easy it is to create online memorials and tributes that last more than a lifetime!