Online Funeral Services

Online Funeral Services

If you or a loved one have ever had to plan a funeral service, you are surely familiar with how difficult and time consuming it is. As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world, planning a funeral to honor your loved one becomes even more difficult. Online funeral services are a safe way to pay respects to your loved ones that cut down on time and money and still conform to social distancing regulations. Anyone can attend these services from anywhere, meaning that you can invite as many friends and family as you’d like.

What is an Online Funeral Service?

An online funeral service is a memorial service that holds the same essential elements of a funeral but it is done virtually on a live stream. Speeches, readings, dedications, and other events are still included in these services.

Depending on the livestream service that is utilized, the ceremony may even be recorded so that you can revisit to pay your respects at any time. This recording can essentially become something to pass down in the family, and, with My LifeJars, you can memorialize your loved one forever by adding the recording of the service to your Remembrance Wall.

What are the Benefits of Having a Funeral Service Online?

You may be wondering, if the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, why should you choose to have a funeral service online.  Well, that's a great question!

Below you'll discover why most families are choosing an online service or a "Hybrid Service" - an in person funeral service that is also live streamed for people who cannot attend.

Benefits of Online Funeral Services

  • Saves time - Most online funeral service websites have streamlined the process for funeral preparation. They make it easy to review your available options and to decide what is best for your loved one.
  • Saves money - Online funeral service webpages make it so you can review and compare the expenses of various options so that you know exactly what you will be paying for.
  • Anyone can attend, from ANYWHERE in the world - Family members who initially might not have been able to attend due to location restrictions will now have an opportunity to attend this celebration of life. Online services are the most accessible way to hold a funeral.
  • It helps enforce social distancing -- With an online service, you do not have to worry about following social distancing requirements because you will already be doing it! That way, even high-risk family and friends can attend the ceremony.
  • Attending is convenient for busy families and working professionals - Most funeral services online are less than two hours.  Which enables people that normally would not be able to attend because of school or work commitments. 

How do I Plan an Online Funeral Service?

There are various options when it comes to the specific company you want to host your online service. The first thing would be to choose who you want and then plan from there. The company would generally take care of preparing the online event using a live stream platform, such as Zoom.

The company will walk you through the entire process of scheduling and ensuring your event is special and personalized.

If you want the body of your loved one to be present for the funeral, you should reach out to funeral homes in your area and ask their ability to do an online service. Some funeral homes are better equipped than others.

If you do not want the body of your loved one to be present or if you want your service to be an at-home celebration of life, you may even consider setting up the event yourself via Zoom! Just be aware that if you plan on running your own event, there will be less flexibility when it comes to the presentation of your service.

It's important to note, if technical difficulties come up, you will not have that added support and help that you would get from experience online funeral service providers.

Apart from scheduling the service itself, you would do essentially what would be done for a live service. You should make a list of family and friends to invite. It's a good idea to consider making slideshows and writing speeches to honor your loved one.

You will still pick an urn or plot and do the paperwork that comes with live funeral services. 

Overall, an online funeral services is a great way to pay respects to your loved ones. Wherever in the would your family and friends are they can attend and  celebrate the life of the loved one lost.  

This is a great way to be mindful of money, time, and accessibility. Especially under the modern circumstances of a global pandemic, online services allow your friends and family to attend the ceremony while keeping safe and following social distancing regulations.

Online funeral services also make it easy to plan the proceedings and costs of the funeral ceremony. Pairing an online funeral service with an online obituary is an excellent way to notify friends and family about your loved one’s passing and of the funeral plans. Even though the service may be online, you can still honor the same traditions done at a live funeral service such as speeches and slideshows meaning that you can still pay your full respects. These services may be recorded meaning you can come back to rewatch the service and to pay your respects at any time. My LifeJars can help you organize and store not only paperwork for the service but the recording of the service itself as well!