FAQ Journaling Your Life


What is journaling?

Journaling is a way to record many aspects of your life. You can choose to keep a handwritten journal or a digital journal. My LifeJars is the BEST platform for digital journaling.

Types of journals may include: Life, Health, Food, Travel, Dreams, Goals, and Gratitude

What is a diary entry?

A diary entry is a report of what’s happened throughout the day. It can include your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. A diary is more personal and usually just meant for the writer to read and no one else. It gives you a safe place to capture all your thoughts.

What is a memoir?

A memoir is a story you write about your personal experiences and memories. Instead of just listing the facts about a situation, you would tell a detailed story that would include the emotional aspect of the experience as well. Memoirs focus on specific memories, not the author’s entire life.

What is an autobiography?

An autobiography is the story of someone’s entire life, written by that person themself. When writing your autobiography, it’s important to include your feelings, reactions, and goals for the different segments in the autobiography. Autobiographies are usually more fact and timeline-based though still very personal. They tend to accompany the author’s entire life.

What is a biography?

A biography is similar to an autobiography, however, it is written by someone else, not the person featured in the biography. A biography is typically written in the third-person point of view and includes more factual information about the person than the thoughts and feelings of a person.

What is a family history?

Family history is a document that records the family members and their lives. It’s usually written in book form but can take other forms as well. Keeping a family history is a great way to learn about your past, and share stories with future generations.

What are the benefits of writing a journal?

Depending on the type of journal you write there are many benefits including; getting and staying organized, maintaining well-being, exploring ideas, problem-solving, being honest with your feelings, stimulating your brain, improving your writing skills, and motivating progress. A Journal records an event, experience, and thought that does not fade over time because of memory.

What are the benefits of keeping a digital journal?

With a digital journal, you aren’t limited to text or adding physical things like photos that have to be printed and may degrade over time.  It’s easy to insert image files, scanned documents, audio recordings, and videos. Other benefits include; access anytime and automatic backups so can’t get misplaced or destroyed by accident or maliciously.

What different types of journals can you write?

There are endless types of journals you can keep or write a journal that covers all different aspects of your life. Your imagination is the only limitation. Some of the most popular types of journals are; Daily, Life, Travel, Gratitude, Dreams, Ideas, Goals, Food, Health, Fitness, Pregnancy, Gratitude, Art, Poem, Project, Financial, Productivity, Letter to your future self.

What is the difference between a Memoir and an Autobiography?

The term memoir comes from the French word mémoire which means memory. Essentially, memoirs are intended to focus on a specific memory in great detail, whereas an autobiography is the story of a person’s entire life.


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