How to use My LifeJars

Watch these short tutorial videos to help with using My LifeJars.

When you first sign into My LifeJars, these videos pop up on the relevant page  and can be closed or ‘not shown again. Turn on and off the pop-ups from the bottom of the dashboard.

a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet showing how easy my lifejars is to use on every device
Welcome to My LifeJars | Take a Tour

Take a quick look at the features of My LifeJars including; how to fill Jars with content, edit your profile, build a Tribe, how to create another person’s Life Profile or Legacy and how to manage your My LifeJars Account.

How to use Memory Jars to Journal Your Life

Find out how to use the 5 Memory Jars to capture memories over a lifetime; Childhood, Teenager, Young Adult from 20 to 29, Adult from 30 to 64 and Later Life from 65 years old.

How to use the Things Jars to Organize Your Life

Use the 5 Things Jars to help categorise, store and find things; Personal Certificates, Important Documents, Significant Bits & Pieces, Real Life Things, & Anything Else.

How to use the Password Jars

Watch this video on the 8 Password Jars with prompt to store passwords and login details; Email Accounts, Social Media & Gaming, Tech & Devices, Stores & Utilities, Banking & Finance, Official & Government, Business Essentials, and ‘other’.

How to create an Online Memorial or Legacy

A step by step guide on how to create an Online Memorial for a loved one, otherwise known as a Digital Legacy.

How to build a Tribe

Find out how to start to building a Tribe by inviting family & friends and others to become Tribesters.

How to edit your Profile

Take a look at how to edit a My LifeJars Profile, and what information to add to manage your Life Profile & future Legacy.

How to upload a profile image

Find out how to start to upload a profile image to your Life Profile, by selecting an image uploaded to the Memory Jars.

How to add Guardians

See how to add Guardians. Guardians are the people that help manage memories, things and passwords, formally and informally.

How to use Security Features & Access

Find guidance on how to create a My LifeJars account, install My LifeJars on different devices for easy access and how to switch on 2 Factor Authentication.