Pet Memorials

How to Keep Your Furry Loved Ones Memory Alive

 by Creating a Pet Memorial

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know why so many people choose to remember them with pet memorials. Pets become an important part of our families! 

It’s no surprise they are treated just like any lost loved one would be. We know they were a trusted source of comfort and companionship in your life. A pet memorial helps you express your grief, while also giving you a way to always remember your pet.

Why Pet Memorials Are Important

When you lose a loved one, you want to do whatever you can to remember them. The same is true with a pet. It’s natural to want to create some kind of pet memorial. You want a physical way to show what your pet meant to you, and a way to somehow ease your grief. You might also want to hold a service or ceremony to mourn your loss. We understand how you’re feeling. You need to do whatever you can to grieve.

Losing a pet is a very painful experience, and you often don’t get the same support you would if you lose a human loved one. When someone dies, you usually get time off work. Does that happen when a pet dies? No, not usually, and that’s a shame. You are left with a hole in your life, yet you aren’t given the proper support systems to deal with it. 

Your whole routine changes when a pet dies. You no longer have to feed, walk or take time out to care for them. That can totally throw everything off in your life. You need to find ways to reorganize your life now, and that can be very difficult to deal with.

Things To Consider After Your Pet Dies

We understand how pet memorials can ease your mind and give you a way to cope with the loss of your treasured family member. When you lose a loved one, you usually have a funeral or memorial service to celebrate their life. Why should our pets be any different?

Here are some things you need to consider before planning a service:

  • The first thing you need to decide is whether you would like to actually bury the body or have your pet cremated.
  • If you choose to bury the body, you need to choose a location for burial. It’s common to choose a spot on your property, somewhere close that you and other family members can visit. Just make sure there aren’t any local ordinances that prevent this type of burial.

  • If you choose cremation, there are pet funeral homes that can help with this. You can search your local area, or even ask a local veterinarian what they recommend.
  • Whether you choose burial or cremation, you also need to think about what to bury the remains in. You can search online for pet caskets, but you can also make your own. There are also various urns and other special containers you can purchase to hold the ashes.

Planning How to Remember Your Pet

After you’ve decided how to take care of the remains, you can start planning your pet memorial. As we said above, there are some funeral homes that offer pet funerals, if you’re looking for a more formal ceremony.

Obviously, there is not one type of service that works for everyone. You might prefer something more private, with just your close family in attendance. It’s important to keep things simple and respectful.

It’s perfectly acceptable to include light-hearted moments, as well, if people want to share funny stories about your pet. You get to set the tone, so start off with a quote or a prayer, then start sharing your memories.

Consider adding these other options to your pet memorial:

  • Light a candle
  • Observe a few moments of silence
  • Pass around photos of your pet
  • Include songs that are appropriate
  • Read poems about pets
  • Show a slideshow of videos of your pet
  • Play clips from a movie

Whatever you choose to add to your ceremony, make it something that offers comfort and closure to those who attend.

A screen shot from My LifeJars Pet memorial dog laying in the grass in an oval frame beige background

Some Final Steps to Take After You Say Goodbye

Once your ceremony is over, it is time for your final goodbye. If you’re burying your pet, place any toys, blankets, or keepsakes you want in the grave. Do the same thing if you’re burying the ashes. 

If you’re not burying the ashes, travel to the place you want to spread your pet’s remains. You don’t have to scatter all of them. It’s perfectly understandable to want to keep some of them with you. 

Whichever way you choose to bury your pet, think about a permanent marker to remember your pet. Some options include:

  • Engraved headstone or grave marker
  • Customized garden stone
  • Weatherproof sign
  • Special tree or flowering bush

This memento gives you a place to visit and spend time thinking of your pet. It can offer you some relief when you’re really missing your trusted friend.

Other Ways To Remember Your Pet

A burial marker is not the only way you can remember your pet after they are gone. There are a variety of other ways you can memorialize your loss. We understand you might want to keep something with you, something you can hold and give you comfort during the rough times.

Think about these options for a more personal pet memorial:

  • Cremation jewelry - Choose a necklace, bracelet, or ring to carry your pet’s ashes close to your heart. Spirit Pieces creates many beautiful options of cremation jewelry.
  • Custom keychain - Pick something that reminds you of your pet. You can add their name and any other details you want on it.
  • Personalized remembrance candle - You can choose a scent you relate with your pet and add a label with their name and a quote. Check out The Comfort Company.
  • Memorial plaque - Add a picture of your pet and a quote you like, plus some even have a spot you can hang their collar on. You can customize yours at 4 Ever In My Heart
  • Photo book - We know you must have hundreds of pictures of your cherished friend. Create a book, include your favorites, and also add written memories of those times.
  • Stuffed animal - Companies use a photo to create a stuffed replica of your pet. 

There are a variety of other items you can get personalized with a photo. They include picture frames, Christmas ornaments, pillows, blankets, mugs, and wind chimes. If you search for pet memorials online, you will see all the options out there. Pets deserve to be remembered, and we are glad there are so many ways to do it.

How To Create An Online Pet Memorial

Have you thought about creating an online pet memorial for your lost loved one? Like we said, we know how important a pet is to a family. That’s why we have made it easy for you to remember your pet online.

You can use My LifeJars to create your online pet memorial. You can use the Remembrance Wall to create a legacy for your pet. Here, you add all the personal information for your pet. You can enter the place they are buried or where their ashes are scattered. 

Once you enter all of the information, you’ll see a candle icon by your pet’s name. This indicates you have created a legacy profile for your cherished friend. After that, click on Add Tributes to allow others to share their stories and memories of your pet. We know you’ll enjoy looking back at these memories for years to come.

Whilst your pet is alive, save all their details and best photos in one place in a Life Profile, which is very useful to share if your pet goes missing. Your pet's Life profile can eventually transition to become your pet's memorial.

Preserving Your Pet’s Life Story

Another great thing about creating a pet memorial on My LifeJars is the ability to add photos, videos, and any other important information you want to save.

Our Memory Jars allow you to create a journal of your pet’s life. You add your memories for the different stages of their life. Words aren’t your only option, either. Upload photos, videos, or audio files to create a complete story. 

As you can see, My LifeJars allows you to make sure your pet is remembered for years to come. After your pet memorial is created, you can share it with others. 

Here are some easy ways to easily share your pet memorial:

  • Invite people to view it on My LifeJars
  • Share a link on social media
  • Send a text with a link to the pet's memorial
  • Email the link to the pet's memorial

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