Online Tributes

How to Easily Create & Share Online Tributes With My LifeJars

Online tributes are a way to acknowledge, appreciate, and recognize someone for how they have lived their life.

A tribute can be written to honor someone we love that has passed away, but it can also be a way to show our admiration when they are alive. But, normally when you think of an online tribute, it is usually dedicated to someone that is no longer with us.

Online Tributes are Not One Size Fits All

Online tributes can take a variety of forms. However, words are usually the most powerful way to honor a loved one that has passed away. You could type something up and share it online. Or, you could record yourself reading what you wrote and post the video. You could also add pictures and music to what you have written. There is no right or wrong way to create your online tributes.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for a Little Help

An online tribute isn’t just a brief overview of a person’s life, like an obituary sometimes is. It allows you to look deeper at who your loved one was and what they meant to you and others. An obituary is an easy way to alert people to their death, but a tribute is a long-lasting testament to who they really were and allows future generations to get to know them.

You can create the main tribute, but you can also ask others to submit their thoughts and memories. By including all of these extra stories, you can make something permanent that friends and loved ones can always look back on to remember and reminisce.

If you’re the one organizing the online tribute, you could even choose a theme and have other people submit their own thoughts that go along with it. For example, if your loved one enjoyed creating art, use photos of their art pieces throughout the tribute.

Honor Your Loved Ones and Those We've Lost by Helping Their Memory Live-On Long After Death

Steps to Consider When Creating an Online Tribute

If you’re thinking about writing an online tribute, start by really looking at the person’s life and why you want to honor them. It’s a good idea to keep things conversational. Make it seem like you’re speaking to the person reading or watching your tribute. Don’t be afraid to include your emotions, either. People will relate to these approaches better and will be more willing to read or listen to what you have to say.

Here are some steps you can take when creating your tribute:

  • Think about the person

    Is there one certain characteristic about the person you want to focus on? Think about their life as a whole and what you want people to take away from your tribute. If there is an impactful quote or phrase the person used, you might want to lead with that. Really think about what you want your loved one to be remembered most for in your tribute.

  • Create an outline

    Plan out what you want to say. Include your main points and think of instances you can use to support those. You can make it as long as you want, but keeping it shorter makes it more impactful.

  • Grab attention

    Try to think of a way to draw your audience in. You want to get them interested enough to read, so think of a personal story or funny anecdote to attract their attention. Humor is always a way to relate to others and lighten the mood. Just make sure it’s done in good taste.

  • Keep it simple

    Make sure to use words you would usually use while talking to someone else. Don’t try to add in big words to sound smart. Keeping it real and simple is the best policy.

  • Stay focused

    Stick to your outline as best you can. You don’t want to drone on and on. You want to keep things readable and compelling. Break things up in short paragraphs and keep moving.

  • Finish strong

    Maybe there is a popular quote or poem you can use to wrap things up. You want it to be memorable, so think of something that might stand out to your audience. Again, don’t be afraid to include some emotion in your conclusion. You want everyone to know how much of an impact this person had on you.

  • Practice

    This step applies if you are thinking of creating a video of your online tribute. Have everything written out and go over it a few times. You don’t want to stumble through your tribute and make it unwatchable. Don’t be stiff and formal, though. This is someone you loved and you want to make sure people know how you felt.

Exploring Potential Topics for an Online Tribute

Writing an online tribute can seem daunting. Depending on how long the person lived and how well you knew them, you might have endless material to use. You don’t want your tribute to become long and drawn out. Try to focus on the highlights.

Some topics you could focus on:

  • Key events in the person’s life
  • Major accomplishments they achieved
  • Characteristics that defined them
  • A quote that sums up their life
  • The impact they had on others
  • Your personal experiences with the person
a smiling elderly man with aviator mask, gold bar at bottom with his name, birth date and date of death for an online line tributes

You can also rely on other family and friends to help you create the online tribute. They will have some different memories that stick out to them, so it’s not a bad idea to ask others what they think. If you’re in charge, it doesn’t mean you have to use what they say, but it never hurts to gather other opinions.

You can also rely on other family and friends to help you create the online tribute. They will have some different memories that stick out to them, so it’s not a bad idea to ask others what they think. If you’re in charge, it doesn’t mean you have to use what they say, but it never hurts to gather other opinions.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Tribute Website

Technology changes every day and there are so many options out there for online tributes. You want to make sure you choose something that is easily accessible for others and has all the features you are looking for. Keep these things in mind when choosing what is best for you:

  • Longevity - You want your online tribute for your loved one to be around for a long time, so make sure you check to see how long it will be live on the internet.
  • Multiple contributors - The functionality and ability for others to add their comments, photos, and stories to online tributes is one of the keys to keeping their memory alive. 
  • History - Look at how long the website has been around and what other people have to say about it.
  • Mobile friendly - Did you know that most people who visit an online tribute do so from their mobile phone? Be sure the website and tribute page display nicely on any device. 
  • Security - Make sure the website has added protection and measures put into place to make sure all of your information is protected.
  • Ease of use - Take a look at the user interface and see if it’s easy to use. Also, make sure to check out that you can add all the extras you want, like photos, videos, and music.
  • Hosting environment - Reliability is a big factor in making sure your online tribute is always accessible.

Ways to Share Your Online Tributes

Now that you have everything sorted out, and you have published the page, now you can start sharing the online tribute you created for your loved one.

Here a few great ways to share the tribute and honor your loved one:

  • Send a text with a link to the page
  • Invite people directly from your My LifeJars account
  • Email the link to the page
  • Send a video announcement
  • Share the link on social media

The Perfect Place to Create Online Tributes

My LifeJars is the perfect place to create and share your online tributes for loved ones. It’s also important to note you can create online tributes for pets you have lost, too. We know pets are an important part of many families. Our app allows you to store all of your personal information, including personal documents, passwords, memories, photos, and videos, so you protect your legacy when you are gone.

My LifeJars also allows you to add online tributes for your loved ones and pets, so that they are easily accessible to your family and friends. You can easily add tributes to those you have lost on your Remembrance Wall. Once you do this, you can choose who has access to these digital legacies. Once you grant access, people can start adding their own memories to those online memorials. You can also copy the link to share the digital legacy with others.

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