Pet Profiles

Paw-fect Organisation For Your Pet's Life

Store all vital things about your Pet's Life in one accessible & secure place

My LifeJars revolutionises the way you juggle your pet's nine lives— or just the one! With a pet's life profile, you can stash all your furry friend’s essentials, from medical records and vaccination histories to those adorable "caught-in-the-act" photos and heart-melting videos, all in one secure, easily accessible spot.

My LifeJars gives you a comprehensive digital profile for your beloved furball. Update and fetch your pet's details anytime, anywhere, ensuring you’re always paw-prepared. Don't drop the ball: Neglecting to organise your pet's life, particularly their important information can lead to chaotic and stressful situations.

You never know when you'll need to change vet or take your pet to another practice in an emergency or if your pet unexpectedly needs to stay at kennels or catteries, those records will be vital. If your pet get lost having quick access to the perfect picture for a lost and found notice and their details is crucial. 

The Essentials of Pet Ownership 

To make sure you're on the right side of the law (and your pet stays out of trouble)!

Think of pet registration as your pet's VIP pass to life!

Almost every country/state has some sort of registration requirement which they charge a small fee for. This is in addition to having your pet micro-chipped. Check the internet or with your vet to see what the registration requirements are where you live. More often than not, there is a requirement to get your pet signed up with the local council. 

Public Liability Insurance: Protecting Paws & Peace of Mind

Public liability insurance isn’t mandatory, but it's a lifesaver when your dog mistakes the neighbour's flowerbed for a treasure trove or your cat decides to practice their climbing skills on a pricey curtain. This cover shields you if your pet causes a mishap, ensuring you’re not out of pocket if they dig up trouble or claw their way into chaos. 

It handles legal fees and compensation claims, offering you peace of mind and proving you're a responsible pet owner. So, whether your pooch explores or your cat escalates, you can relax, knowing you're covered for every unexpected escapade in your pet's life.

Microchipping is the superhero of pet identification

A microchip, snugly implanted under your pet's skin, isn't your pet’s latest gadget but a tiny device that contains a unique 15-digit ISO number—the gold standard required by the EU. This little chip chirps out a signal when scanned, but here's the kicker—it only holds a number, not your pet’s medical history or his preference for gourmet treats.

Most countries mandate that pets be microchipped, requiring owners to register this number with animal services and to update any changes in ownership, address, or phone number. Microchipping is a lifeline for lost pets, helping to reunite them with their owners and keeping tabs on the mischievous ones.

Though microchips are the silent heroes, don’t overlook the old-school charm of a collar with up-to-date tags. If your furry friend decides to go on an unplanned adventure, a quick glance at their tag can get them back home in no time. Sometimes, the traditional methods are just as slick!

By sticking to these essentials, you ensure your pet is safe, sound, and legally compliant. Plus, it’s one less thing for your pet to worry about (apart from chasing their tail, of course).

How to Choose Your Vet 

Navigating the Jungle of pet vet options available.

Navigating the world of veterinary care  can be daunting, especially when it encompasses not just cats and dogs but horses and other more exotic pets like reptiles.

7 Key tips to help you select the right veterinarian:

  • HQ & Hardware: Size & Ownership Matters in Vet Facilities - Explore the facility and equipment your vet has at their disposal. Also, consider whether the practice is independently owned or part of a larger chain, as this can influence the type of care your pet receives.
  • Around-the-Clock Care: Normal and Emergency Hours - Find out if your vet is more like a convenience store or a banker when it comes to availability. Do you want 24/7? or just 9 to 5!
  • Treatment Specialties: Beyond the Routine - Discover the range of your vet’s talents—from standard shots to acupuncture for pets, and specialist treatments for horses, farm animals, birds and reptiles make sure they have the skills to treat your pet.
  • Prescriptions & Potions: From Tick Pills to Tail Tonics - Check if your vet’s pharmacy is as well-stocked as a wizard’s apothecary. Find out if they provide prescriptions so you can shop around online for cheaper medications for your pet.
  • Cost Considerations: Fees and Financial Flexibility - Vet care shouldn’t require a treasure hunt. Get the lowdown on fees and flexible payment options to keep your wallet happy. Check that the practice accepts your pet health insurance.
  • Location Logistics: Distance and Accessibility - Whether it’s a quick trot or a long haul, make sure your vet is within a reasonable distance and easy to access, whatever mode of transport you use.
  • Vouched For: Personal Recommendations - Word of mouth isn’t just for gossip! Find out why your friends and community trusts this vet with their precious pets.

Selecting Pet Health Insurance

Brace yourself for a wild ride on the Pet insurance premium adventure!

If your area's vet fees are as steep as mountain trails, expect your insurance costs to puff up like a startled pufferfish. And if your pet’s history reads more like an action-packed saga with frequent vet visits, gear up for premiums that might climb quicker than a cat scaling a tree. Choosing the right insurance means being prepared for these hikes, so strap in and keep your eyes on the trail ahead!

7 Key tips to help you select the right Pet Health Insurance:

  • Coverage Details: Don't let your policy be all bark and no bite! Ensure it covers breed-specific conditions and includes everything from tick treatments to tail-end surgeries. Horse policies should be ready to jump over every hurdle, from minor niggles to major surgeries.
  • Premium Costs vs. Benefits: Balancing act! Weigh the premiums against the treasure trove of benefits. Skimping on coverage might leave you in the doghouse, especially with horses that can turn vet visits into gold rushes.
  • Type of Policy: More comprehensive policies, like lifetime cover, may cost a bit more than a basic fetch. But they keep playing ball as your pet ages. Older pets often fetch higher premiums because, like fine wine, their care needs become more vintage.
  • Coverage Extent: Vet fee cover should be as broad as a Great Dane’s smile, including everything from consultations to surgeries. Make sure your policy hugs every possible pet need.
  • Pet’s Breed: Pedigree pets might pump up your premium due to their high value and designer genes prone to health quirks.
  • Ask About Claim Process: No one likes a maze when they’re in a rush. Choose an insurer who makes claims as smooth as a greyhound’s run, without the circus of paperwork.
  • Read Reviews and Testimonials: Don't trot into it blindly; do your homework. What other pet parents say can steer you clear of potential potholes and towards insurers who treat you like royalty.

Don't forget... Capture Your Pet's Story

 Safeguard your Pet's paw-some moments!

In the whirlwind of pet ownership, it's not just about managing the day-to-day; it’s about capturing the heartwarming moments that make having a pet so enriching. From first barks to heroic jumps and even the dignified nap times, every moment counts... Create a digital haven not only for all your pet's records, but where every memory about your pet's life can be written and precious photos and clips stored securely, accessible at the click of a button, and showcased in a style that only your pet could inspire. 

Whether it’s a story about when you pet first came home or won first-place prize at the local pet show these memories deserve cherishing for always.

Sign up for the Pet Pawprint & Moments 3-Steps Journey today to help you get started on your Pet's Profile and turn your pet’s life story into a beautifully curated collection that’s as unforgettable as they are.

..and when the time comes turn your Pet Profile into their Pet Legacy