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Moments turn into memories. Memories become our story. Our story will be the legacy we leave...
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Don't let your story disappear

This FREE 7-day challenge invites you on a wonderful adventure down memory lane to immortalize the moments in your life that matter most.

During this challenge, our founder, Suke Ridler, will send you prompts each day for you to capture one memory at a time to begin building your life story. 

Throughout the challenge you will be empowered to: 
Discover how to tell a compelling story that family, friends & future generations will adore.
Reflect on the moments that make your heart sing, from recounting your first true love, to your family gathered together for a special day.
Learn how to structure your journal, so memories build into a multi-dimensional story that will become your legacy and celebrate your life for centuries to come.
Decide who to share each memory with and when, by setting permissions.
Share your growing story online and let others add their recollections to your memories. 
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Experience peace of mind knowing your memories are safe, secure & thoughtfully shared.
Journal Your Life
During the challenge we will be using the FOREVER FREE My LifeJars app.
This app
makes it quick for you to capture your memories and your life story can be easily displayed in an attractive online format or viewed & printed as a book.

Collate and present your story in a beautiful way as a gift for family, friends & future generations.
Don't Know Where to Start? Don't Know How to Structure Your Story? 
Discover an easy way to capture your life story
Receive Suke's tasks for 7 days to encourage you to start & create the momentum to keep going! 
Here’s What to Expect:
Day 1:  The story of your childhood
Start at the beginning with the era you were born into and a summary about your early years.

Day 2:  Say it with pictures  

Discover tips & tricks on how to convert old photos to digital files to add to your memories.

Day 3: Love of your pets
Tell the tales of a cat, dog, horse or any other pet that has been or still is part of your life.

Day 4: Friends for life
Capture all the fun days and adventures you shared with your childhood friends.

Day 5: Capture your careers through the years
If you've loved or hated your jobs, record this big part of your life.

Day 6: How to make your stories compelling to read
Learn some easy techniques to help make your digital journal interesting and write about a recent experience or event using them.

Day 7: Your first true love
Write from the heart about the joy and sorrows of your first love.

Don’t let your story crumble & vanish...
Do you really trust others to share your memories with the detail of when they were created? Be the keeper of your own unique story and leave your experience and wisdom for family and friends and those yet to come.
Immortalise the memories that matter most, and rest assured that your wisdom will be around for centuries to come.
Sorting through your old handwritten  journals, diaries and any scribbles that are important to you. New storage methods like with a digital journal allow us to honour the sweetness and milestones of our life, share secrets with some and not others, and leave parts of our story to be read after we've gone.
"The truth may hurt for a little while but the lie hurts for ever." ~ Anonymous 
With My LifeJars, build you story one memory at a time. Save your experiences, thoughts & feelings and let your unique story live on.
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 Enrich your memories by adding photos, voice recordings and short videos to make your story dynamic and interesting to view.
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